Dwi Dowellin – D2 Drone Review

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DronesWatch Flight Demo – The Dwi Dowellin D2

Summary of the Dwi Dowellin D2

**Yes, that’s right, I like to start with a summary as I know you guys don’t necessarily have much time to spare. And yes, this review is based on the assumption that you’re thinking of buying for a child, so it will focus on child-related issues. Ok, let’s do this!!**

This is one of my favourite kids drones. It is nothing special, but it does all the basics very nicely, it is easy to use and has no significant downsides.

It is stable and slow on speed 1, but not in an unresponsive way; just a child-friendly way. Speed 3 is more fun, enough to keep you engaged for quite a while. All-in-all I suspect I’ll be making it my top pick or thereabouts for kids in the 3-7 range when I get round to doing a ‘best kids drone’ article.

To be honest, the D2 so reassuringly unremarkable that I’m struggling to think what to say about it that I’m not just going to repeat in my standard section of specific below….. I’d recommend having a quick look at the video above if you haven’t done so already, then let’s just get on with it. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Ease of use

Battery clipping in/out – nice and easy. They use a proprietary casing for the batteries and the underside of the drone is basically one big clip designed to receive that casing, so you can’t really get it wrong and it is very un-fiddly. If you’re new to mini drones, this may seem like a non-issue, but trust me, there are quite a few toy drones out there that use ludicrously tiny and awkward clips, hidden away inside the drone’s body, so there is value in that not being the case here!

Assembly – None required, even the prop guards are already in place.

Easy to launch? – Has one button launch, which actually works (not always the case with cheaper drones) and doesn’t require the drone to be unlocked first, so it is a true one-button system. This is a bigger positive than you might imagine, as it allows even very young kids to play relatively autonomously.

Easy to trim? – Yes, four separate buttons on the remote, so it is as easy as it gets.

Headless mode? – Yes.

Does the remote turn off automatically to save the battery?  – Nope. I wish manufacturers would start doing this, but none do at this end of the market currently.


My kids are still quite young for flying drones, so the D2 is one of the more popular models in our house, for the above reasons. Consequently, I’d estimate it has now had around 8-10 hours worth of continuous usage. And by continuous, I mean actual hours in the air, so whilst 8-10 may not sound like a lot, it really is!

So far it has been absolutely fine, nothing has broken off or stopped working, and it has been crashed many, many times so it is doing well.

I assume this robustness is partially due to how it has been put together. I’m not in the habit of pulling kids drones apart to study the quality of construction, (largely because I wouldn’t actually understand what I was looking at!) but I guess this is a solid effort. It would certainly make sense if it were, because whilst the D2 is quite small, its size to complexity ratio is quite big, by which I mean the manufacturer hasn’t had to squeeze much tech into the D2 and they have afforded themselves a bit of space, compared to some truly micro drones like the HS190 for example. I’m no engineer but I suspect when you do this it allows you to fix things in place in a relatively rugged way.

Having said that, the endurance is also definitely partly due to the all-round propeller guards, which I am a huge fan of as they protect the blades during crashes, which may be an unintended side effect, but it is a welcome one that I have seen have an effect on various other drones.


Weight – Very light. Not quite as tiny as some others, but from a safety point of view, you’re not going to be doing much damage with this kind of mass.

Speed – Pretty flipping slow on speed 1. I’ve let my 2 year old fly the D2 a few times and when I launch it in the middle of our largest room even he sometimes manages not to crash it for 10 seconds or so….. Speed 3 is noticeably faster, but even then, it is nothing like as rapid as some peers.

Prop guards – 360 degrees on all four rotors and they are built in so they won’t be popping off accidentally. Few kids drones can boast this, which is strange to me because it is of real value.

Size and rigidity of props – N/A due to the above; your kids won’t be touching them.


Speeds – Obviously, the flip side of low speeds being good for safety is that they’re not too good when it comes to fun. However, the D2 actually does ok here for a couple of reasons. Firstly, on speed 1, although its speed through the air is quite slow, it yaws (turns) at an acceptable rate, so it’s slow but not frustrating. Secondly, speed 3 is enough of an increase versus speed 1 that it does become quite entertaining; good enough for a kid up to perhaps 10 years old to be able to have fun with it for quite a long time before growing out of it.

Lights – None apart from directional ones.

Tricks -It does the flips that all toy drones do, but that’s it, unless you count the fact that is also performs a one-button ‘return to home’ manoeuvre, which isn’t intended to be fun exactly, but I imagine your older kids could find a way to make it so!

Camera – No.

Quick Questions

What’s in the box?

  • Drone
  • 2 batteries
  • Charging cable
  • Controller (requires AAA batteries)
  • Full set of replacement propellers
  • Manual

Is maintenance easy/possible?

As with all mini drones, maintenance isn’t really a thing. The parts are too small and the manufacturers don’t build them with repairs in mind. You do get a set of spare propellers, because they are easy to get to, but that’s your lot.

Is it noisy?

Possibly towards the noisier end of the spectrum for a drone this size, but not by much.

Battery life

I measured it twice on both of the supplied batteries and the average time, whilst doing nothing more than hovering in place, was 8 minutes and 50 seconds, which is pretty decent versus the competition.

Can it be flown outside?

You wouldn’t want to. A slight gust of wind will carry a drone this size away easily. If you buy one and feel the need to test this out, please do so in a spacious area with no trees!!

Any recommended accessories?

None really required for a simple toy drone. The only thing you might want to consider is a power pack, especially as the D2 comes with a spare battery. I use this one, as the USB ports are spaced far enough apart too accommodate various type of drone battery charging apparatus:

Summaries of online reviews

My review above is subjective and other people won’t necessarily feel the same way. So, in order to provide an alternative point of view, the below sections are summaries of a bunch of other online reviews for the D2. The first section will summarise some positive reviews and the second will be based on negative reviews.

Online love for the D2

Based on the various reviews collected, the D2 drone is a highly recommended product for both beginners and experienced users. It’s particularly favored for its indoor usage and is lauded for its durability, speed, and enjoyable flying experience.

The drone is well-equipped to withstand crashes and collisions, as reported by multiple users, highlighting its robust build and the benefit of its full guard rails. It can endure impacts with walls and ceilings, which is useful for beginners who are still learning to fly. Despite the frequent crashes, the drone continues to function optimally, which is a significant plus point.

It’s recognized as an excellent learning tool, particularly due to its fully covered blades that prevent damage from crashes and help maintain the motor’s longevity. The three-speed settings are a praised feature, accommodating various user skills – slow speed is ideal for beginners, while high speed is suitable for more experienced users, enabling safe usage indoors.

Its lightweight nature limits its outdoor usage to calm, windless conditions. Despite this limitation, users find it enjoyable to use indoors. However, users should be cautious about flying near long hair and under couches, as this may interfere with the propellers.

The D2 drone comes with two batteries, each lasting about 10 minutes. Although this battery life is deemed sufficient for the drone’s size, some users wished it were longer due to the addictive nature of flying the drone.

The drone’s appearance is also positively reviewed, with users mentioning that it looks even better in person than in pictures. Its controller, while packed with features, might be slightly complex for beginners.

Customer service for the D2 drone is reported to be prompt and efficient, as one user noted their issue was resolved within days through email correspondence.

A few users also pointed out the drone’s tendency to gather debris from surfaces like carpets, requiring regular cleaning. A couple of users found the initial setup, including the use of the trim buttons for leveling the drone, somewhat challenging.

In summary, the D2 drone is a fantastic, fun gadget that’s perfect for indoor use and provides an excellent introduction to drone flying for beginners. It offers good value for the money and would make an ideal gift for kids and adults alike. Users just need to be prepared for minor maintenance and setup complexities.

Online hate for the D2

One of the most common problems that users seem to face is related to the drone’s overall durability and build quality. Numerous users reported that their drone either broke or malfunctioned after a very short period of use, with some even citing issues within the first few minutes or days of use.

A recurring theme throughout these reviews is the apparent fragility of the drone’s propellers and motors. Many users have experienced issues with propellers breaking, falling off, or becoming misaligned, leading to problems with flight stability and control. Furthermore, there were reports of motor failure after just one flight, leading to the drone being unable to fly.

Another prevalent concern among reviewers is the drone’s battery life. Some users claimed that the battery drains extremely quickly, with the drone entering low battery mode almost immediately after takeoff. Despite attempts to resolve this issue by charging multiple times or flying in different configurations, the problem persisted for these users.

Control issues were another common complaint. The drone was reported to frequently drift uncontrollably or not fly level, making it difficult to operate. The device’s trim control on the controller was also noted to be hard to figure out by some users.

In conclusion, the consensus among these user reviews indicates substantial dissatisfaction with the D2 drone. The primary complaints are related to the drone’s overall build quality, battery life, and control issues. Despite its affordable price point, the majority of users did not find the D2 drone to offer good value for money. Given these significant problems, potential buyers should consider other options in the market.

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