what is headless mode on a drone

What Is Headless Mode On A Drone?

If you’ve ever flown a drone, you probably know that getting its orientation right is quite a challenge. With so much movements happening as it glides through the air, anticipating where it’s facing is a near impossible task to accomplish. Not only is this annoying, but at times, it can also lead to accidents and […]

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tricopter vs quadcopter

Tricopter vs Quadcopter: What’s The Difference?

Besides their physical appearance and aesthetic features, tricopters and quadcopters are basically the same thing to me. Both of them glide around the air, are controlled by a simple remote, and occasionally shoot videos. There isn’t really much different to them, right? As you can probably guess, I was mistaken. When I walked into a […]

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how to find a lost drone

How To Find A Lost Drone?

Ever since I started flying my UAV, one of my biggest fears is having it sail out of bounds, straight into a jungle, and me never finding it again. As a consumer, I want to get my money’s worth by pushing it to the limit, but I’m also worried I might lose it along the […]

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drone vs quadcopter

Drone vs Quadcopter

I will never forget the first time I walked into a hobbyist’s store. As a newbie, I was excited to purchase my first drone and fly it around that following weekend. The sales lady whom I spoke to started talking about all these different models and sharing her experiences with me. I admired her enthusiasm; […]

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history of drones

History of Drones

Aerial technology, particularly of the handheld variety, has taken a huge leap forward the past few years. After going through a colossal evolution process, it has developed into a valuable innovation that’s used across different industries, such as photography, agriculture, video surveillance, and even national defense. However, before it became the big-time invention we know […]

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