About Us

Hi! I'm Brent. I have been flying drones for a very long time, and I can probably say that I’ve experienced a lot since then. From the moment I bought my first drone, when I first crashed it, up to when I can finally do some tricks with it.

The feeling of seeing your drone up there with you on the remote lights up the kid in anyone’s heart and I would like to share that passion with everyone by helping them maximize their experience and potential by sharing my insight on drones.


My best pic in like a decade.

Seeing how I fell in love with this industry, I want people to be able to appreciate the art and science of flying a drone the same way I do or even more. 

DronesWatch's Mission

Ever since drones have became commercially available, more and more people have been buying drones for various uses.

My mission is to bring people together and build a friendly drone community, while exploring the gamut of applications and opportunities that drones and droning offer us.

My goal is to make people realize that you don’t need to be in the air force to be able to pilot your aircraft. That with the right mindset with patience, you can be as good as them.

The most common problems of interested would-be drone pilots are simply not knowing where to start - what to do, how to do it, and what’s the best resource they can make the most of droning.

Here in my website, we want to bring out the ace pilot in everyone. Reviewing drones for more than what is in the box is a way to give back to the UAV community.

It’s a way of helping soon to be pilots know not only what they want but also what’s best for them, and how much more they can be.

Communication & Opportunities

If you have a question, are looking for an opportunity, or has an opportunity to offer, please get in touch with us here.