Hi, I’m Catherine! I started flying drones when I was 14. My dad is an engineer and growing up, my two brothers and I have seen lots of different machines at home, and we used to play with them.

One time dad showed us an RC airplane he designed, and we enjoyed it. I never outgrew my fondness for that toy, so I was very pleased when I learned about drones because it reminded me of that toy and so much more.

Unlike the RC airplane, drones are more specialized and can be controlled in different ways not exclusively by remote control. They can also fly out of the operator’s line of sight using GPS, which makes flying all the more fun.

I started to research drones and I really loved it, so I asked dad to get me one on my 14th birthday, and he didn’t disappoint me. That was the time I started flying drones, and after almost a decade, drones have become even more prevalent. I’ve already tried several drones in the past years, and I would love to share my experience with you.

I created this website to contribute to the drone community. Hopefully, with my experience and knowledge, I can help you find the best drone for you.

Also, despite my experience, I know that there is still a lot to learn because drones evolve, too! Recently, I’ve been experimenting with FPV and racing drones and boy they are so fun!

Join me in my drone journey and let’s explore the never-ending fun drones offer together. However, I warn you, this can be addicting, but I’m sure you will love it!

If you have any question concerning drones and want to discuss, shoot me a message at Catherine@DronesWatch.org.