Layout 1APRIL DAYS OF ACTION 2013 – A National Uprising to Stop Drone Spying and Killing

CODEPINK and other national and local groups have joined to form the Network for Stopping Drone Spying and Warfare and are organizing April Days of Action 2013 to generate a public uprising across the United States to stop drone spying and drone warfare.

We urge you to select one or more of the days in April listed below to organize actions in your community to focus on drone-related activities where you live.   The national coordinator for each set of days is listed.  Please be in touch with that person to ask questions and to let them know the days on which you will focus.

April 4 – 6: Drone Manufacturing

Organizers around the country are encouraged to identify drone manufacturing facilities in their regions and organize demonstrations, teach-ins and other actions calling for an end to drone attacks and an end to the manufacture of weaponized and surveillance drones.  Coordinator – Joe Scarry –

April 16- 18: Drone Research/Training

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8512842623_a2127640ef_bDear Supporter,

I like the president, but if he’s going to claim the right to kill me with a flying robot, don’t I at least deserve to know why?

Last week, we did a segment on The Daily Show about President Obama’s refusal to release the classified memos justifying his use of killer drones. Now, I’ve always said that I’m a comedian, even after my role in Big Daddy. But this story got me thinking a little more seriously.

Then I got a call from my friend Medea Benjamin, cofounder of CODEPINK. She saw that my correspondent Aasif Mandvi had the memos and wanted us to release them. But ever since he read them, Aasif’s been too scared to come out from under his desk. So Medea asked me to join her in demanding that Congress do something. Naturally, I said no. I’m a comedian, not an activist. But then she said I could have one of the giant vaginas she sometimes wears and I said “absolutely.” As a virile man, I’d do anything for a vagina.

So join me in calling on Patrick Leahy – the big, bald-headed Democrat who heads the Senate Judiciary Committee – to get his hands on those drone memos. If he does, he’ll be doing a public service. And he can have my vagina.


Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show

P.S. Check out what those crazy CODEPINK women have been up to!

Tell US Ambassador to Pakistan: End Drone Strikes!

During the CODEPINK Peace Delegation to Pakistan in September 2012, delegates will deliver this petition to Ambassador Munter at the US Embassy in Islamabad. ACT NOW – Add your name.

Say “NO” to Drone Warfare!

Tell Obama we need transparency and accountability for the U.S. drone program! ACT NOW – Sign this petition

Take Lethal Drones Away from CIA

Since the attacks of 9/11, the CIA has been conducting covert drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, killing at least 3,000 people, including hundreds of noncombatants and even American citizens. ACT NOW – Send an email to Senator Dianne Feinstein, chairperson of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and let her know you want drones taken out of the hands of the CIA!

Tell President Obama to Ground the Lethal Drones and Kill the Kill List

The recent revelations in the New York Times about President Obama’s drone attacks are horrifying.  ACT NOW – Tell Obama to kill the Kill List.


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