Mysterystone Bugs 3 RC Quadcopter Review: One Of The Best Entry Level Drones You Can Find

The Good

This product has four brushless motors giving it decent speed, flight time and maneuverability. It is also very stable which makes it suitable for taking aerial photos and videos.

The Bad

There are complaints about durability issues – it may easily get damaged during crashes. Signal is also a reported issue and there are times that users lose control of the aircraft even if it is flying within the prescribed range. Lacks a homing feature so it could get lost if you don’t mind its battery level during flight.

mysterystone bugs 3 rc quadcopter drone

The Bottomline

While it may have its flaws, its flight performance is satisfactory. It is certainly good enough as an entry-level drone.

Whether you’re a professional level flyer or a newbie, a drone needs to excel in particular key areas such as speed, maneuverability, control range and flight time. Unfortunately, getting all these aspects just right in a single craft usually means only one thing – it’s going to be one expensive purchase.

But we believe in the saying “seek and you shall find” so we decided to apply that in our search for GoPro compatible drones. Surprisingly, it worked and we found a flying machine that’s not only cheap at under $100, it is even fun to fly for both newbies and professional flyers – the Mysterystone Bugs 3 RC Quadcopter, our top entry-level choice.

Affordable Yet Pro-level Performance

If you’re looking for a very affordable aircraft that delivers an impressive flying performance that even professionals will love, the Mysterystone Bugs 3 RC Quadcopter is a good option to consider. Thanks to its powerful brushless motors, it is able to deliver an impressive flight performance that is on par with some of the higher priced models in the market.

Equipped with four MT1806 1800Kv brushless motors, this unmanned flying machine is said to be 10 times more powerful than other models. For professional flyers, it means that this extra power can propel the aircraft to speeds higher than the competition. On the other hand, videographers and photographers can depend on this extra power to give this aircraft the energy it needs to resist wind, resulting in a more stable flight and stunning videos.

Due to the lower heat and friction generated during its operations, brushless motors are very energy efficient. This means that you’ll get more flight time from your battery. In the case of this machine, you’ll get 15 to 20 minutes of flight time if you don’t attach and mount and camera. Understandably, you’ll get a much shorter flight time of around 10 minutes if you attach a camera due to the extra weight.

To get the most fun out of flying your drone, a good range is also very important. With the Bugs 3, you can effectively control it up to a distance of 500 meters via a two-way remote control that operates at the 2.4GHz frequency. There is even an alarm if it starts to fly too far away from you or if its battery is already low. This will give you time to land the machine.

Perfect for Taking Aerial Shots and Videos

If you are passionate about taking aerial videos and photos, you’ll definitely love this product even more. It is compatible with GoPros 3, 3+, and 4 as well as SJCAMS SJ4000 and SJ7000. What’s even more surprising is that it even comes with a gimbal mount for additional stability.

Enthusiasts have different set budgets for their toys. And if you’re shopping on a rather tight budget, the good news is that this flying machine is likely within your set limits. It’s one of the most affordable entry-level drones and is offered on Amazon at under $100.00.

But I Just Wish…

Given its very affordable price, you just can’t expect the Mysterystone Bugs 3 RC Quadcopter not to have a few weak areas. One common complaint is that it’s not durable enough and tends to break down easily during crashes. Another common complaint is that the signal is not very good and you might even lose control of the aircraft at times even if it is flying within the prescribed range.

There are also reviews saying that it took them a while to learn to control the craft’s flight. This suggests that this may not be the perfect option for those who don’t really want to spend enough time to learn how to fly it expertly. It also lacks a homing feature which means that users must keep an eye on the battery level to avoid crashes due to low power.