Sleek and Stalwart: Here’s Why Force1 F100G GoPro Drone Sells Fast

The Good

The Force1 F100G is a sleek-designed top quality drone that is GoPro compatible. Doing tricks such as 360 flips is very easy due to its powerful motors and smooth intuitive remote control. And what makes it extra special is that it has solid durable construction, making it the perfect flying machine for kids and beginners.

The Bad

Some users reported that its motors go unbalanced after many hours of flight. You will also hear reports saying that it doesn’t fly straight and is hard to maneuver during windy conditions. This drone also infamous for not being able to GoPro Hero 6/7, which can be very disappointing for some users.

force1 gopro compatible drone

The Bottomline

Pilots will absolutely love its brushless motors and durable form. And if you are looking for a flying machine that can get you the most breathtaking images and video without having to figure out complex controls, then this product is a perfect choice.

Capturing crisp and crystal clear HD aerial footages is now possible with the use of drones. Gone are the days when people use to climb several floors of a building or get on a crane just get beautiful shots on the ground. These unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs have revolutionized how we take photos and videos. It is a groundbreaking innovation that allows us to capture precious moments and spectacular sceneries in a unique aerial vantage point.

But not all of these flying machines are created equal and different ones have different functionalities. Due to the number of trending products for sale today, buying the right one is no easy task at all. For this reason, it is recommended that you consider several factors first prior to purchasing. To ensure that you get to fly the perfect one, you have to evaluate both your needs and skills. Are you a novice or an expert in flying? If you are the former, then this particular flying machine is the right introductory machine for you.

Enjoyable Maneuverability 

What makes the Force1 F100G stand out among its rivals is that it can perform ghostly tricks – yes, even 360° flip tricks! Now you can perform wild flying maneuvers even if you are a new drone enthusiast. Powered with ultra-quiet brushless motors, flying it becomes more fun and interesting. People who have been flying these machines for years know how innovative these brushless motors are.

Busy flyers will also get to enjoy more flight time since the package includes an extra battery. You can capture or record footages twice as long with this quadcopter unit with your GoPro. This will allow you to enjoy up to 30 minutes of high-spirited flight time. And more than just giving you great speed, power, torque, and juice, this gives you a priceless enjoyable flight experience.

Highly-Responsive Controls 

One of the most common problems that you will encounter in high-speed unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV is controlling it, but this particular product is an exemption. It has 2.4GHz transmitters and reliable landing gears, making all your flights smooth and easy. The remote control is well-designed and is very easy to understand. All switches have that premium feel to it. Taking pro-level aerial images and video recordings have never been this easy-peasy.

Another reason as to why this particular drone has won the hearts of many enthusiasts all over the world is that it comes with na number of useful accessories. It includes top quality professional batteries that are made out of top quality materials. Three shells are also included in the package – it comes in white, sky blue, and black shells with red accents. Furthermore, the company also provides a full refund for users who are not thrilled with its performance!

But I Just Wish…

There is no such thing as a perfect product and Force1 F100G has some drawbacks just like any other flying machines that you will find in the market today. First of all, if you are the kind of pilot who loves long range recordings, then you might want to skip this model. Many users claimed that it can’t go higher than 75ft. Although it has speed and power, keep in mind that this is not a high-flying aerial vehicle.

It is also important to note that you can’t house GoPro Hero 6/7 on this one, which can be very discouraging. So either you wait for a newer version of this or you use older versions of GoPro – which may be impractical and inconvenient.

You will also hear reports that pairing the machine with the controller takes some effort. Nonetheless, this drone has received many awesome and positive reviews from both experts and newbie enthusiasts. If you want to fly a reliable and super fun machine, then this product is for you.