DROCON Blue Bugs 3 Quadcopter: That Sturdy Drone You’d Want to Own

The Good

The Drocon Blue Bugs 3 has powerful brushless motors that can be easily flown even in windy conditions. It has intuitive controls that allow both newbies and experts to record gorgeous HD footages. This drone is also built to last – thanks to its sturdy high-intensity pure Nylon Fiber body.

The Bad

Due to its powerful motors and large propellers, children under 12 years old may need guidance and supervision. Also, users who are particular with remote design might find it too basic. And unfortunately, it is not equipped with any special intelligent function such as return home and headless mode.

drocon blue bugs 3 quadcopter drone

The Bottomline

If you are that type of pilot who is very particular with the machine’s motors, then this popular model should be on top of your list. Under its hood, this drone sports an MT1806 brushless motor that is rated at 1800k, giving you the best flight satisfaction. Furthermore, its control, range, and flight time makes the purchase unmistakably worth it.

There is a dramatic rise in the number of drone products in the market today and it only took a decade for these Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to go mainstream. What makes these flying machines very popular is that it gives you wonderful aerial footages. It gives you photographs and video recordings that are captured in a more special viewpoint. If you feel like your images and videos have become too mundane, then it is time to slap on your decent camera to these fliers and have your very own eye in the sky!

The Drocon Blue Bugs 3 Brushless Motor Quadcopter is both for amateur and serious video enthusiasts. It really doesn’t matter whether you are just creating home videos or capturing awesome outdoor adventures because it provides you with all the aerial superiority you need for capturing special moments. And the good news is, there is no need for you to shell out a fortune to get your hands on this capable flying machine since it only cost about $85.99.

Power in Brushless Motors 

Brushless motors were one of the factors that lead to the creation of high-powered drones and it is really a big deal in the world of portable aircraft. This flying machine has top-grade brushless motors which give users a significant increase in flight power, efficiency, and torque. Unlike old brushed motors, these mighty brushless ones require less maintenance and offer less susceptibility to frequent flight failures.

If you are speed junkie and a sucker for high-speed mode, then this particular model is the right machine. Easily push the throttle and watch it fly like a majestic eagle scouring for a nice shot and scenery. Propelled by 4 separate MT1806 1800KV motors, the machine is able to carry the maximum weight of 230g, making it one of the most reliable drone for GoPro action camera. These motors will not only give you a longer flight time but it’ll also give the machine a longer lifespan.

Smart and Intuitive Remote Control 

With its intuitive remote control, taking footages high above the ground becomes a walk in the park – see what we did there? Its remote control has outstanding intelligent functionality that warns the user when its battery is getting low and if it is flying out of range. This functionality prevents accidents and damage to the drone by giving you time to get it back home promptly.

It has a comfortable to use dual sticks that are not overly complicated. You will also find dedicated controls for low/high-speed switch, 3D rolling, 3D flips, rolls toggle, and even a lock button. It is equipped with exceptional radio transmitter technology, providing stable and reliable communication system. Enjoy complete control over longer ranges for up to 500 meters with its 2.4G frequency signal transmitters.

But I Just Wish…

Just like any technological object found here on earth, the Drocon Blue Bugs 3 is not without flaws. One of the major drawbacks of this unit is that flying it can be a bit challenging, especially if you are a beginner. This, despite having powerful motors and large propellers. Feeling the drone and conducting several flight tests is necessary before you start sending it in longer ranges.

You will also find users who claimed that they were not that impressed with its design as it looks like a toy for kids. Some also find its remote control to be boring and not as sophisticated as other RCs found in other units. It may lack intelligent control and features such as return home and headless mode, but its overall function is enough to convince you that this drone is definitely of the best one available today.