DJI Phantom 2 V2.0 Quadcopter

The Good

The DJI Phantom 2 has a battery capacity of 5,200 mAh, which gives the pilot an incredible 28 minutes of airtime. It also has superior H3-2D gimbal system for extreme camera stability and silky smooth video recording. This machine weighs just over 2 pounds and has a dimension of 12x12x7 making it a perfect travel drone companion.

The Bad

As one may expect from a higher-end quadcopter, this particular unit is not newbie friendly. Although it is equipped with advanced stabilizing technology, beginners might still find it difficult to control during the first few flights. Also, this flying machine can be too expensive for some hobbyists.

dji phantom 2 v2.0 quadcopter

The Bottomline

It’s a lightweight machine which combines outstanding dynamic design and remarkable advanced technology, making it the perfect choice for people who are truly serious about drone flying. It might be more expensive compared to other products, but the fun and quality it provides outweigh the disadvantages.

This powerful quadcopter is one of the most popular and successful unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV available in the market today. In fact, when you picture a UAV in your head, chances are that you’re picturing a DJI Phantom 2. Designed in Shenzhen, which is widely considered as China’s Silicon Valley, these machines are made by a reputable company that has a solid workforce and incredible work ethic.

This top quality machine allows you to capture stabilized aerial photos and videos with a GoPro. It features efficient motors, ESCs, and props for extended flying time. It has redesigned transmitters and has an integrated gimbal control dial for smoother flight and footage. It also comes in with a self-tightening propeller, which eliminates all your worries about losing prop nuts during the removal of props from storage.

It has been tested with Hero2, Hero 3/3+, and even Hero4 models. This amazing quadcopter is definitely a fun flying machine that even gets better with a GoPro to record all the action. There is no better gadget for capturing aerial shots using a GoPro Hero action camera than this spectacular flying machine.

Quality Design and Durability 

It is a pretty stout machine that looks dense and strong. This drone has powerful lightweight legs that can take hard landings. And since the Phantom 2 has durable leg design, the gimbal and camera assembly are impervious to damage in the event of a crash. The Phantom 2 also includes an anti-static compass with a durable shell that helps in protecting or shielding the quadcopter in any flight conditions. Now, you can fly your machine without having to worry about damages.

The flying machine is powered by a smart 5200mAH lithium polymer battery, which means it’s long-lasting. Its batteries can hold power-related data like temperature, cell voltage, current capacity, number of discharge cycles, and percentage of charge. It can calculate how much battery life is left and the distance away from home point. What also makes the DJI Phantom 2 one of the best drones out there is that it is resistant to fungus, corrosion, UV solvents, and even to impact damage.

Matchless Flight Performance and Control 

Many of its users were struck by how responsive and well-tuned its controls were after taking it to the skies. The slightest movement of the joystick will quickly register, giving you precise and satisfying feel in your hands. Novice pilots should not feel discouraged since the learning curve of controlling this product is pretty low. It is recommended that you read the manual carefully or watch YouTube video tutorials to master this drone.

Users can certainly enjoy the ease of control – thanks to the Phantom’s satellite connectivity. Take note that you need to calibrate the GPS before each new use and after doing this, it should be able to determine your position and orientation. Its flight performance is definitely top grade. It has an amazing multifunctional quad-rotor system that results in stable hovering and precision flight. Plus, it includes great safety functions such as “return to home” feature which automatically fly back to the place it took off from after you lose connection with your machine.

But I Just Wish…

Although it has amazing design and technology, this flying machine is built not for people who are just looking to start out their such a hobby. The controls can be quite daunting and intimidating to master, especially during the first few flights. If you want an easy-to-fly model, then the Phantom 2 is not for you.

Also, the price of this drone can be pretty high compared to other drones for GoPro available today. You may get what you pay for from flying it, but still, it is too expensive for a hobby. But with all its advanced features, functions, and add-ons, no wonder why it still among the best-selling drones available today.