6 Best Drones Under $150 of 2021

Are you interested in capturing pictures and shooting videos from the sky? Is the limited-budget stopping you from beginning your journey as a drone pilot?  Budget-priced drones don’t always have to be for kids. Several drone manufacturers have made it possible for you to enjoy the premium features like Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, 1080p HD …

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7 Best Drone Motors of 2021

Choosing the right motors for your DIY quadcopter is not plain and simple. A motor is one of the critical components of the propelling system of a crewless aerial vehicle. Choosing a motor based on its features and price alone would not be so wise. You should also check if they are compatible with your …

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How High Can a Drone Fly

Are you wondering how high can a drone fly? In this post, I am going to be talking about the legal and technical aspects of drone flying. Drones were originally meant for military usage only. Needless to say, they were quite expensive to manufacture. Also, the technology was not made accessible to everyone.  Consumer drones …

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How to Spot a Drone at Night

Drone flying at night may not be illegal, but it can pose risks and raise questions. Just like what happened in Colorado and Nebraska late last year. Some residents noticed unmanned drones swarming over their neighborhood, and authorities could not identify who was controlling them. It was mysterious but also creepy. While not every quad …

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Top 7 DIY Drone Kit of 2021

There are several reasons a drone enthusiast or a professional drone pilot would decide to go for a DIY drone kit. A DIY drone kit offers you the comfort and convenience of creating an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) as per your unique needs. Now it is possible for both newbie and professional drone pilots to …

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