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The US Drones Quilt project is a work of collective art designed to  remind us that often the victims of drone attacks are people like us who are afraid, alone and innocent.
It was inspired by a similar UK quilt and initiated during the April Days of Action 2013.   Activists across the country are doing coordinated actions against militarized drones, targeted assassinations, drone proliferation, use of public monies for drone research, and drone bases in Africa and other nations.  The quilt project will continue after April 2013.

Each square of the quilt is made by someone like you who  puts their name and then the name of a civilian victim on a square of fabric. These are then sewn together to create a quilt panel that can be used in many ways:

  • to raise awareness,
  • for political advocacy,
  • to connect us deeply to the victims of drone warfare and their families,
  • to convert pain into beautiful, activist art.
The quilt restores humanity to those killed or maimed and reminds people that for every single victim of a drone there was a real person with loves, desires and a life.


1. Contact Leah Bolger at Leah will give you the name of a person who you will be honoring. There are many anonymous victims too, so some squares will honor the un-named.

2. Cut a square of cotton fabric 10 inches x 10 inches.

3.  Sew, write, embroider or paint your name and the name of someone killed by a drone onto your square. Be as creative as you want! Leave a margin of at least 1/2 inch around the edge for seams.

3. Mail it to Leah Bolger 3740 SW Western Blvd., Corvallis, OR 97333

A sample square from the U.K drones quilt

4. If you can, please include a donation of $5-20 to cover costs for the quilt.

5. Spread the word!

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